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Here are the first pictures from Bajaj Auto of their updated 3 wheelers that will be available in the United States early 2004. Quite a few improvements have been made, some of the more notable are: a full, one piece, wrap-around windshield, dual headlights, a fully hydraulic braking system and an anti-dive front end. The colors shown are digitally produced and are only close representations of the final colors. The Autorickshaw will be Ferrari Red with tan top and seats, the Pickup will be Signal Yellow and the Van will be White. These 3 wheelers have a long history in Europe and Asia as durable and reliable passenger and delivery vehicles. With high torque 4 stroke engines, these machines have the low operating costs of a scooter with the toughness of a truck. With a top speed of 40 MPH, they are obviously not intended for freeway use, but are ideally suited to local short-haul transportation and delivery. These are NOT available yet. We expect the first units to be available sometime in March 2004. The price is only an extimate and is subject to change!! Engine: 175 cc, 8.5 HP, 4 stroke, Forced Air cooled, Capacitive Discharge Ignition system, electric start, oil pump lubrication Transmission: 4 speed forward, 1 reverse Chassis: welded steel with anti-rust base coat Suspension: Independent trailing arm, torsion bar Curb Weight: 645 lbs. Carrying capacity: 1,052 lbs. Bed size: 42" deep, 49" wide, 12" high sides PICK UP IN ATHENS GEORGIA OR MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR PERSONAL DELIVERY BY US IN THE SOUTHEAST. NO SHIPPING ON THESE. ASSEMBLEY AND SETUP IS INCLUDED HOWEVER THE COST OF FREIGHT TO US WILL BE ADDED TO THE PRICE. CALL US 706 540-3285 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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1074112248_yellow pu 5 x 5
1074112771_yellow pu 5 x 5
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Specifications for Euro AR-125