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Bullet Sidecar

Price: $2,999.00

These Cozy sidecars are made in India for the Bajaj but will also fit your vintage Vespa or Lambretta. We can now supply them with fitting instructions for your modern 150 to 250cc Vespa. The sidecar is all metal, and has a number of nice features not seen before on sidecars sold in the US. These include mounting frame brackets that are reinforced above the scooter�s floorboards, and have 10 points of attachment (as opposed to the normal 6). There is also a dampener bracket that attaches between the sidecar and beneath the scooter�s seat. Finally, there is an independent suspension that the body of the sidecar sits on, improving the ride quality of both the car and the scooter. The sidecar has a nice shape to it, and the opening for the passenger is larger than most (making for easier entry and exiting). The sidecar features a removable seat that exposes quite a bit of trunk space. It also has a removable windscreen and a toneau cover (to keep the interior of the car clean and dry). As seen in the photo, a chrome crash bar and rear rack both come standard with the sidecar, as well as the side fender. Past sidecars have had a tractor/trailer wheel on them, but this one actually features a scooter rim (meaning, your Vespa�s spare is usable on the sidecar, and you can outfit it with a tire matching your bike�s � as in this case, where we did a red rim with the Michelin S83 tire to match the bikes� wheels). These sidecars come in the �classic� style as well, and fit vintage 10� wheeled bikes (we also have ones that fit 8� wheeled bikes in stock). Look at the numerous pictures to make the conclusion as to how nice the features and quality of these sidecars We are very impressed with how nice these are, and you will be pleased as well! We will be happy to crate and ship this scooter and sidecar�please contact us for more information. Price is for SIDECAR ONLY scooter not included. FREIGHT will be additional. Available in Black, White and ppossible Silver.Currently out of stock ..we do have classic sidecars, right now!!

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