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Kinetic 49cc Milano

Price: $1,499.00

THESE ARE NO LONGER IMPORTED OR AVAILABLE BUT WE CAN SUPPLY PARTS FOR THESE. EMAIL US!! This Kinetic Milano is a LARGE 49cc scooter!! They are made in India and are a quality machine designed for heavy and serious daily use. The 49cc two stroke engine has a separate oil pump(oil injected)for optimal lubrication of the engine and plenty of power for you or your teenager to cruise around the town. This scooter engine is restricted when you receive shipment to qualify as a moped, but can be "souped up" for higher performance. Back up kick starter is standard equipment on the Milano, for battery "down times". Engine is mounted on hanger so vibration can't reach the rider (new feature). Convenient pocket-book hook located up front for the ladies is very convienent. Modern side blinkers up front and in the rear are very stylish and very visible. The headlight on this kinetic scooter is very large to help with vision, for riding in the dusk or early morning. Lockable glove box for documents and valuables. Sturdy, steel alloy chassis. Hydraulic damped suspension. Standard size tires and tubes can be order anywhere. Parts can easily be ordered. ENGINE: 49.4cc oil injected two stroke TRANSMISSION: variable torque converter AIR FILTER: foam type reuseable OIL INJECTION TANK CAPACITY: 1 quart WHEEL BASE: 48" OVERALL WIDTH: 25" OVERALL LENGTH: 70" MIN. GROUND CLEARANCE: 4" MAXIMUM SPEED: aprox. 40mph DRY WEIGHT: 200 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 1 gallon Fuel Consumption: aprox. 75mpg TIRE SIZE: front 2.75" X 10/rear 2.75" X 10

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